Saturday, August 8, 2009

Zombie Pirate Captain

Yet another low poly game character:) This time it is a zombie pirate captain who was summoned from the Netherworld by a voodoo priest. Maybe this priest was the one in the previous post; who knows...

He has two textures on him and all of them are hand painted. One for general diffuse and one for the hair and the beard. Yes, even though he is a skeleton, he did not loose even one bit:)

Voodoo Priest

Here is another low poly game character: Voodoo priest.

I want to make him like a cartoon character. Before modeling, I have drawn an artwork which is:

And then I modeled him according to the artwork. All textures are hand painted.

Here is the model:

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here is another low-poly game model from Dragon Ball. Kuririn is my favorite Dragon Ball character.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Young Man

A low polygon game character

Lowpoly Animals

Here are some low-polygon animals that I have modeled and textured long time ago:

More will follow in the future.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Here is a low polygon character from Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z: Kaio-sama. He is one of my favorite character from this series.

Firstly I have drawn an artwork of him and then I decided to make a low poly game character of Kaio-sama. Here is the artwork:

And here is the low poly game model:

3474 Triangles and a 1024 diffuse map. I hope you like it and more Dragon Ball stuff will follow.

Traveler's Tales No.1

Here is my first attempt to digital drawing:) I have drawn it with Photoshop. I wanna continue to draw series of fantasy themed drawings similar to this one.

Mp3 Player

This is a render study of my old mp3 player. Rendered with HDRI and the subtle color correction was added in Photoshop.


I really like detective stuff like film noirs, whodunit adventure games (especially Black Dahlia) etc. And here it is my version of a badass detective:)

This is a personal work. I did it particularly for gaining experience both on lighting and sculpting. All of the textures are completely hand painted.

And here are some viewport screen captures (realtime with normal maps and my light rig on)